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PR Q&A | How do you deal with local media to promote a local book tour or a local event?

My advice is to first choose the bookstore — one of the prominent ones in your area — and then work with the manager. One of the things you should always ask the manager is, “Who’s your favorite media outlet to work with?” Because they know which ones provide a good turn out for their […]


You and Your Product | You Are What You Sell

Think you don’t have a product? Well, I bet you do. If you have a book, service, session, and so forth then look: This is your revenue stream. Many times people get into PR and they wonder why it doesn’t promote them in a way that counts toward their bottom line. When you become clear […]

Blogging to Enhance Your PR Campaign

Blogging is an easy and awesome way to enhance your PR campaign. Just by setting up a free WordPress or Blogspot account you’ll have a great cost-effective platform to interact with your target market and attract potential clients. The way blogging enhances your PR campaign comes from the engaging content you provide your readers. Once […]

It’s true!

Remember my post a couple weeks back about how all good things come to those who wait? Well, I want to revisit that topic and share this video from my Partnership Program where I discuss it a little bit more. Enjoy! And have a great weekend! feed twitter facebook stumbleupon digg

Measuring Your PR Success

I’ve said this before, but evaluating a PR campaign based on sales or rate of return isn’t the proper way to measure whether your campaign and efforts are a success or not. PR doesn’t work like that; it’s a long-term investment and — when done right — will increase awareness of your product, service, book […]

5 Pitfalls to PR (And How to Overcome Them)

Not doing your homework — What happens in school when you don’t do your assignments? Maybe you make up an excuse and get away with it, but most likely you have to face some consequence like a bad grade on a test, detention or being reprimanded by your teacher. When it comes to PR and […]

The Power of Branding

A brand is who you are. It’s fundamentally how people relate to you. It’s your logo; it’s your colors; it’s how people  experience you. Branding is every way that someone actually relates to you. Even how you answer the phone; what colors you use; how you create your messages; your products; it’s everything that is […]

Finding Your Expertise

You may have heard of Russell Brunson. Very successful Internet marketer and founder of DotcomSecrets, Russell has taken the Internet by storm of late. And you’d be surprised how he got his start! Ever make a potato gun? Well, check out this video! Pretty inspiring, huh? So what are you waiting for? What’s your expertise? […]

Tips for Marketing Yourself in this Economy

Whether you are looking for a job, thinking of starting your own business or even steadily working for someone else, this is a good time to start marketing yourself. Companies have long known the importance of making a name for their products and services to set themselves apart from their competition. Today’s rapidly shifting economy […]

Driving Toward Promotion

You have a product. You want to sell it. You want to use PR to promote it. So which type of media outlet is going to be the one to help you do this? Will radio save the day? Will television send sales through the roof? Will a blog drive record traffic to your site? […]